Know What Your Kids Are Doing After School

Enroll them in kids karate classes in Duluth, MN

Discipline and respect are the foundations of karate. If you want peace of mind knowing your kids are learning these valuable life lessons, staying active and staying out of trouble, enroll your kids at StoneHouse Martial Arts. We offer kids after school program at our Duluth, MN location.

Call (218) 522 4491 now to learn about our after-school karate program.

We will...

  • Pick up your child from school in our StoneHouse Martial Arts vehicle.
  • Teach your child martial arts or supervise a fun activity.
  • Provide snacks and help your child with homework.

We can look after your child on weekdays, including teacher workdays. Enroll your child in kids karate classes today.


Monday through Thursday are our martial arts days. Fridays are enrichment days .
2:15-3:00 Drop off by school bus or pick up from some local area schools
3:00-3:45 Snack and play time
3:45-4:30 Youth karate class (7 and up)
4:30-5:15 Pre-skill karate class (4-6 year old)
5:15-6:00 Supervised homework and quiet play time
6:00 Final Pick Up time


· A high quality after school activity
· More family time in the evening
· More physical activities
· Respectful cooperative environment
· Help with supervised homework time
· Respectful and cooperative environment

This might be the solution for your family.
Contact us for prices and early bird specials.


Fridays are enrichment days filled with crafts and activities. Weather permitting we will go outdoors and plan short field trips.
Price includes all-day program on staff development/teacher work days where we are planning longer excursions and field trips.